Background of the Lionhead Rabbit

It is widely believed that the Lionhead rabbit originated in Belgium in a litter of bunnies that was the result of the crossbreeding of the Swiss Fox and a Belgian Dwarf. Then crosses to a smaller wool type breed was also included in the crossbreeding. Some sources list the Jersey Wooly but its probably the Dwarf Angora (in the USA we have no Dwarf Angora so the name Jersey Wooly was added here) Later the breed was imported into England where continued crossbreeding of small breed rabbits and additional wool breeds were made. This crossbreeding made in Europe and in England created the current EUROPEAN LIONHEAD RABBIT. The first Lionheads that were used as a basis for any concentrated breeding programs in the United States where imported in 1998. These importations along with hybridization made throughout the United States have produced the American Lionhead Rabbit as we know it today.

          -summarized from the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club

What is a Lionhead rabbit? The Lionhead rabbit is a small rabbit with a single or dual-mane of hair.  It is a very loving and gentle rabbit and can make a wonderful pet when well cared for.

Celebrity Status! Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler purchased a Lionhead rabbit at the Marshfield Fair in Massachusetts in the summer of 2007.